June 8th - August 14th 

5 week sessions starting June 8th 

Baton Twirling and Marching Corp 

Tuesdays 1:30-3:00 (ages 5years +) $90 .00 per student

Baton's available for purchase -$25.00                     


Learn to twirl, toss, spin, and march as we teach the beginning

basic's of baton twirling. This 10 week camp will provide an

opportunity to join our baton corp group that will march in local parades.

Instructor: Chloe Miller - Miss Majorette of Ohio, Miss Majorette of the Great Lakes. Miss Majorette of America, and Grand National Twirling Champion.

Cheer-Nastics Camp  

$105.00 per student

Mondays 9:30-11:30 am (4 yrs +)

A fun 10 week class which consist of all basic cheerleading skills, jumps, chants,cheers  dances, tumbling, back handsprings, and stunts. A spirit stick craft and fun special awards weekely.























Musical Theater Singing Workshop

$80.00 per student

Mondays 6-10 yrs   5:30-6:30  / 11yrs+   6:00-7:00


A fun and exciting singing/movement class consisting of learning

proper voice technique, pitch, range and style as studdents learn to sing together to build harmony and melodies . Fun dance and character movements are added to each song . Songs from musicals, and broadway tunes.

Improve/Choreography Student workshop

Wednesdays $80.00 per student

8-11yrs 2:00-3:00 12 yrs + 3:00-4:00

A fun and informative beginner class teaching students the elements of dance and how to incorporate them into movement , combos, and choreography. Students will be able to chorograph their own dance routine by the end of their session.

Ballet Dance Intensive

9 yrs + $295.00

Tuesdays 9:00-4:00 pm for beginner through advanced students . This class will focus on conditioning, proper technique, barre work, ballet steps and combos, turns, floor progressions, variations, pointe work, jazz, modern, and choreography. 

TinkerBell Fairyland Camp

Wednesdays 9:30-11:00 3-7yrs $90.00


                  A special creative ballet class for little ones that will offer ballet technique, daces, singing, and pretend play  while  wearing beautiful mermaid costumes, sparkling  tiara's, and magical wands. A special souvior craft, picture, and end of the class Ariel under the sea tea party

will complete this fun little camp!

Acrobatic / Tumble Camp

Wednesdays 1:00-2:00 (all ages) $80.00

A fun tumble camp offered to all ages and broken up by age and ability to cover all tumble skills, proper tumble preparation and form. Students will learn basics through advanced tricks including backhand springs and arial work for intermediate and advanced students. 



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Session 1- June 8th - July 6

session 2 - July 13th - Aug 10

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