Prices & Policies

Columbiana Performing Arts Center is a full academy of the performing arts.



Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, Tumble, Baton,  Acting, Singing. Guitar, Piano and Art Classes.

Adult -Ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, Jazz, Yoga ,Ballroom.

Dance Studio 

Twinkle Babies  (2-3 yrs) ...30 min - $48.00 monthly

Twinkle Stars : (3-4 yrs), (4-5yrs), (5-6yrs)- 45 min combo (ballet, tap, jazz, ) -$50.00 monthly

5-8 yrs 60 min combo - $52.00 monthly

5-8 yrs 90 min combo - ( tap, ballet,  jazz) - $72.00 monthly

5-7 yrs - 45 min single class  - $50.00 monthly

8-11 yrs - 45 min class  - $50.00 monthly


 12 yrs +

1st class 60 min.............$58.00 

2nd class 60 min...........$116.00​

3rd class 60 min........ ...$156.00 

4th class 60 min............$208.00 

5th class 60 min........ ...$260.00

Unlimited Dance...........$325.00 (does not include private)

Saturday Technique class  -  9:30-11:00 Jr. Company -      $25.00 monthly

                                                  9:30-2:30 Senior Company - $50.00 monthly


Competition Dance - Inquire for information

Adult Dance Classes - $60.00 monthly

Yoga - Drop in -$10.00 per class

Barre Flies


                         Music Studio

1/2 hour Private - $25.00 weekly- ( 12yrs up) paid Monthly

45 min private - $ 30.00 weekly - 

group class -$65.00 monthly ( 5-7yrs) (8-11yrs)

Music Bugs - $65.00 monthly (3-6yrs)


                         Acting Studio

Triple threats Tiny Broadway (5-7yrs) …….. 90 minutes weekly ……$125.00 monthly

Tiny Broadway is a great way to introduce performers ages 5 to 7 yrs the excitement of musical theater! Students will love bringing all the fun of singing, dancing and acting together in each class. Each class will include vocal warm ups and acting exercises in addition to teaching basic musical theater jazz dance choreography. Tiny Broadway also introduces accents, stage direction and improvisation in a fun and age appropriate way. Props and costume pieces will enhance the experience as the future stars bring the musical to life!


Triple Threat Class ( Acting, singing, and a musical theater dance class weekly - 8-11yrs) - 2 hours - $150.00 monthly


Acting 101, 102, 103  -  60 minute class -10 years and up $72.00 monthly 


Art Classes -  $65.00 monthly - 

INTRO TO DRAWING 101 - 6YRS + $65.00 monthly  


DRAWING II  -  $65.00 monthly ( must take intro to drawing 101  1st, unless approved by instructor- 

Special Star Wars Character Class: 9yrs + Invited by instructor - $80.00 monthly


 Art supplies can be ordered through the studio for $70.00. 


Birthday Parties -2 hours - $275.00 for 10 students -$15.00 each additional


Registration:  A $25.00 registration fee is required yearly to enroll your child at Columbiana PAC. This fee reserves your space in class and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Registration is not complete until this fee is paid and all necessary forms are signed. 


Registration Fee: $25.00 per student / $40.00 per family


Tuition: Upon registration, the 1st month tuition is due at the time of registering. A credit card on file is the preferred payment of choice and will be debited on the 1st of each new month. A 4% service fee is applied to all credit card payments . Check and or cash payments are also accepted and are considered manual payments.  **Manual Payments are due the 20th of each month PRIOR to the new month.


Covid-19  - In the event of a state shut down, all classes will go virtual and tuition will continue as normal. 

Rates: All monthly tuition is based on a 40 week  calendar month. Tuition is charged by a 4 week month so any 5th week covers a Holiday month.  Tuition remains the same regardless of how many weeks are in each month. this holds true for performance months  where as your tuition remains the same and helps offset  the cost of rehearsals and extra classes. An invoice will be placed inside the students folders in the waiting room prior to each new month. 

Family Discounts: 1st Child regular Price, 2nd Child 5% discount,  There are no discounts on private classes. camps, clinics or workshops since all special classes are priced with discounts already.

Refunds,Transfers, and Withdrawals: Columbiana Dance upholds a NO REFUND policy. There are no refunds on classes, camps, clinics, private classes, missed classes, costumes, fees, and or tickets. We will not hold or transfer payments to another student, family member, or class. Students who wish to withdraw from the studio must do so during the last week of any four week session. Any student attending class the 1st week will be charged for the entire month of class. 

​Make Up Lessons: There are no make up classes or refunds given for missed classes or Holidays. A make up class is given if the student is falling behind and or cancelled by the studio for weather or teacher cancellations. 


Observation: Schedule will be posted the first week of class

Dress Code: Maintaining a dress code for dance promotes focus and a stronger work ethic in class. Proper dress code allows the teacher to clearly see and adjust body placement, position, alignment. Certain leotards tights and shoes will be mandatory in order to participate in class. All dress code is available to purchase through the studio for your convenience.

Class Minimum: A minimum of 5 students must be enrolled to offer the group rate. Parents have the option to pay a higher price for classes with less students.