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Music Studio

The Music Studio offers individual voice, piano, guitar and flute instruction. All classes are scheduled on going Sept-June, with continued classes throughout the summer.

We also offer professional voice training which will teach students to treat their voice as an instrument, which requires maintenance and tuning. Students will be coached on proper pitch, breathing techniques, and how to project their voice effectively and safely.

Group singing: Learning to sing as a part of a choral ensemble also enhances teamwork skills and discipline as students learn to work together to achieve harmony in their performance. Rehearsals and practices encourage self-discipline toward achieving a goal, thus enhancing self-esteem and confidence.

Voice, Piano, Guitar, and Flute classes are offered in a group setting or private solo class by scheduled appointment. Any students interested in private classes must call to schedule appointment times. Classes are offered all year.

Group classes offer the opportunity to explore singing in a choir-like setting, while mastering songs in the appropriate range for their age. These lessons are a good way for beginners to experience singing and work with other students who are also beginning their musical journey. In group settings, students develop rhythmic skills as well  as improve skills of cooperation and peer interaction.

Private classes are available for students who wish to learn at his or her own pace. In this setting, the teacher is able to focus completely on that individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Music Bugs: A fun little music and movement class for children ages (3-4 (5-7) yrs old consisting of singing, small instruments, rhythm techniques and fun motion movements while learning voice and singing melodies and harmonies. 




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