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Get Ready for Our 2020 Fall Magical Introductory Dance Experience


A 4 month Program designed to give children ages 5-10 yrs an introductory experience to different dance  genre’s while capturing their heart to fall in love with the magic of dancing!


✨We Love Dancing & Creating SMILES!!!✨

Our magical, friendly dance studio, in the heart of Columbiana Ohio (located inside Columbiana Performing Arts Center) is a place where children are taught to strive to be their very best in non-competitive nurturing classes. An amazing Children’s Dance Studio where kids can be kids and learn how to dance and have a wonderful experience!

We believe that your child’s dance experience should be unforgettably fun while they are learning the magic and joy of dancing! So we have developed an amazing five part curriculum that focuses on the whole child complete with all the smiles and dance moves possible! Our Dance Classes leave them feeling more confident, creative, and stronger. The Parents also get to experience a simple and stress free environment - leaving you and your child with happy memories and some super sweet dance moves for years to come. We focus on the Fundamentals and the Foundations of Dancing using an innovative and creative environment allowing the kids to have Fun while learning!

We love creating amazing experiences for all of our families!  We teach the children dancing using a unique, innovative, and creative curriculum.This program offers...No big recitals - No long rehearsals - No focus on rehearsing a dance - No competitions.  Just a child, their dance shoes, and a studio full of happiness, twirls, and magical dreams!


✨✨✨In Studio Dance Classes start Sept 10th, 2020!!!✨✨✨

September 24 - December 17thth

Thursdays Only



💕 What you can expect!

✔️ Meaningful & developmentally appropriate curriculum 

✔️ Classes that focus on technicality and creativity

✔️ Incorporation of big ideas, movement, vocabulary and terminology

✔️ More than just steps and rehearsed choreography

✔️ Teachers AND assistants that are adults with excellent training and experience

✔️ Small class sizes (10-12 children)


✔️ Age appropriate dancing, music, and dance wear

✔️ No recital - rather an AMAZING and MAGICAL “Informance” (yayyy!)

✔️ No competitions

✔️ No surprise fees, no extra costs

💕We focus on the whole child, creating…

✔️ Skilled technicians - who have a solid foundation

✔️ Inventive creators - who understand choreographic skills and dance concepts

✔️ Critical thinkers - who understand improv and exploration

✔️ Successful collaborators - who know who to lead follow and work in a group

✔️ Respectful responders - who are able to reflect on their work and observe other with a better understanding and appreciation for dance


✨ We understand that these are big ideas for young dancers - but you better believe that they are more than capable and should learn more than just dance steps!!!

✨Our goal is to give your child the biggest possible toolbox so they can take on the work at a young age!!!

✨This isn’t the old school method of teaching - rather one that will engage your child in ways you never imagined dance could!!!


Up front cost:

$25.00 registration fee

Leotard w/skirt  $25.00

Dance tights $10.00  

Ballet or Tap shoes $22.00 each



$20.00 per class monthly or $65.00 unlimited monthly

5-7 yr olds                                          8-10 yr olds

4:00 Tap                                              4:00 Ballet 5

4:30 Ballet                                          4:30 Jazz/Hip-Hop

5:00 Tumble                                       5:00 Tumble

5:30 Jazz/Hip-Hop                             5:30 Tap     

6:00 Baton                                          6:00 Baton        

💕 We Are a Family!  – We are a group that dances, dreams, laughs, and loves together.  We are dancers, students, parents, teachers – WE ARE FAMILY, and we treat each other as so. Together we are so much better!

A Magical Experience – It’s the magic of quality – and exceeding our guests expectations at every corner, the magic of constant innovation, the magic in all the details big and small, the magic of families coming together, and of course the magic and sparkle of our team members.  All of these things fused together create an experience to be remembered, one that leaves smiles on our dancers and parents faces, excited for more. 

👯‍♀️ It’s Not Just Dance – It’s about the creative journey, rather than the end result!!!!  That doesn’t mean you can’t have a totally fantastic finished dance.  Quite the contrary. It just means that’s if you’re not having fun – what’s the point!?!?!!!!  Wiggle, giggle, smile, twirl, leap, dream, imagine… laugh, let go, create, explore, and take risks.  It’s all about enjoying every little moment. It’s about learning to dance, rather than just a dance.

🙌 Let Kids be Kids! – We are big proponents of allowing kids to be kids!  We focus on teaching the whole child with developmentally appropriate programs, as well as age appropriate dancing, music, and attire.  Our children grow up so fast, and we want to remove the pressure and competition, and give them more moments, to create, explore, and dancing like no one is watching.

👀 Curiosity Creates Confidence – We believe there is tremendous opportunity ahead for all of us.  By striving to always be learning, progressing, exploring, listening, and asking questions… we are able to think creatively, tackle challenges, and move things forward as individuals and as a team.




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