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Tiptoe, twirl and dance together in this magical class for 2-2 1/2 year olds. They will share this enchanted time as their favorite stories come to life through creative ballet and pretend play. Adorable props are used such as teddy bears, baby dolls and colorful streamers. Children will wear a variety of simple costumes including animal ears, tails and soft little tutus.

Ages 2-2-1/2


Skip down the yellow brick road as Dorothy, splash under the sea as Ariel, or twirl at the ball dressed as Cinderella. Our enchanting Fairytale Ballet classes include a new magical story dance each month. Delicate hand made costumes, props and drama are used to inspire creativity and imagination while being introduced to the magical

world of classic ballet.

Ages 3-5


In this class students are introduced to basic ballet exercises as well as center work and progressions across the floor. An emphasis is put on proper alignment, classroom etiquette, French terminology and ballet pantomine. Famous ballet stories are presented and acted out through story ballet. Hand made costumes and beautiful props are used to help tell the story and create a life-long appreciation of classical ballet.

Ages 5-1/2-7

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