Columbiana Dance Studio


 Columbiana Performing Arts Centre in Columbiana Ohio near Youngstown Ohio, Is the home of Columbiana Dance Studio  where we offer a full array of dance classes for all ages child through adult.

Columbiana Dance Studio creates a professional, encouraging environment that promotes a student’s self-confidence, self-appreciation, and personal discipline. These traits enhance the dancer’s ability to work creatively and expressively, giving the student the freedom to fully develop their technical and artistic abilities.

Our goal is to give each student the necessary foundation needed who are career oriented while also providing all students the opportunity to participate in classes recreational. We strive on providing the gift of a healthy, well-trained body along with a nurtured love and respect for dance. . Our dance studio has incorporated Twinkle Star Dance Program for students ages 2-6 yrs.


BALLET / POINTE  The foundation for all dance styles. Classical ballet combines proper body alignment and placement. It trains the dancer’s muscles through seamless transitions of arm, leg, and feet positions, providing the dancer with proper technique to continue the growth of strength and coordination as the dance achieves each level.

LYRICAL   This dance style incorporates the technique of ballet through elements of smooth lengthened looks of defined jazz and modern dance. Combinations are taught through feeling and emotional ballad-types music. A ballet class is a requirement for all students interested in lyrical.

MODERN   A contemporary form of dance required in all college and professional dance auditions. This type of dance teaches lyrical techniques and artistic movements usually against the normal technique of classical ballet and jazz training. It is imperative that students learn this form of dance if planning to continue your education in the performing arts.

JAZZ  The focus of this class is on strong technique taught through incorporating ballet and modern dance in a series of isolations and floor progressions using such steps as kicks, turns, leaps, and jumps. Combinations are taught using many styles and material from professional choreographers.


A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Classical Ballet. Contemporary strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

HIP-HOP    Music video styles of dance that incorporates elements of popping, locking, and break dancing, as well as free-style movement that allows the student to develop his/her own type of street dance.


This class focuses on musical phrasing and complexity of rhythms, with much emphasis on making melodies with the feet.

TUMBLING /ACROBAT    This class teaches the fundamentals of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control while learning rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, back handsprings, headstands, and more.

BATON   This class teaches students hand-to-eye coordination while learning how to twirl a baton. Students taking this class will be prepared for high school and college majorette lines.