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Columbiana Acting Department offers a variety of acting classes and theater production classes for children and adults throughout the year.

Theatre training and performance teaches : self-expression through improvisation, monologue, scene work, and written critique. Students will learn the foundations of how to “get into character,” script reading, and stage direction, which helps to enhance memorization.

In addition to developing stage skills, theatre classes can have a positive impact off-stage. Performance in front of an audience prepares someone for public speaking and professional communication by helping them to get over “stage fright.” Ultimately, this boosts one’s confidence and gives them the tools necessary to work effectively individually or as part of a team. We’ve even coached debate teams!

Theatre classes are offered for students age five through adult, and include beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students will also train on the audition process for stage and screen. Our theater program is offered as a year long program. Our acting studio offers many different types of classes that encompass the entire stage and screen repertoire.

                                          NEW THIS YEAR

                                      C-PAC Theatre Co.

      An Educational program for children of all ages. 


Starting this fall , C-pac acting department will be launching the beginning of its very own Theatre Company !

C-PAC 's Theatre Company is unique in its own way because it introduces students to an educational acting class while preparing for a fun and exciting musical play performance each session.

 All auditions, classes, and rehearsals  are scheduled on Wednesdays  6:00-9:00 ( a Wednesday rehearsal schedule will be posted once the play is cast) 



 Regular Acting Classes - 60.00 monthly

Wednesday -

6:00 (5-7yrs) Acting 101

6:30-7:30 (8-11yrs) Acting 101

7:30-8:30 (12yrs+) Acting 101


Triple threats Tiny Broadway (5-7yrs) …….. Tiny Broadway is scheduled as a camp and ran at different  times through the season.

Tiny Broadway is a great way to introduce performers ages 5-7yrs the excitement of musical theater! Students will love bringing all the fun of singing, dancing and acting together in each class. Each class will include vocal warm ups and acting exercises in addition to teaching basic musical theater jazz dance choreography. Tiny Broadway also introduces accents, stage direction and improvisation in a fun and age appropriate way. Props and costume pieces will enhance the experience as the future stars bring the musical to life!

Thursdays 5-6:30 - $76.00 monthly


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